• Culture Curator.

Afrikan Krowns

Living in South Afrika has to be one of the greatest blessings that life could have endowed me. I travel across the country a lot and have been to different parts of the Afrikan continent.

I’ve been blessed to experience the melting pot of cultures whose stories I’m passionate about documenting and sharing. I’m inspired by the multitudes of sounds, people, languages, music, different tribes, architecture, and dance.

Afrika has become colourful, bold and unapologetic. This is the strength that we’re harnessing as young people. My goal is to tell Afrikan stories every day through how I dress, my career as a stylist and as a fashion influencer.

Also, as a creative consultant/creative strategist I bring knowledge and appreciation for Afrika to the local and international market through creative direction, styling and image creation whilst facilitating collaborations between business and creatives throughout the continent. Appearing in several features and collaborations, I’m passionate about working closely with designers, brands, and businesses to propel Africa forward into the global market.