Kwena is committed to injecting new positive energy that will inspire your day-to-day fashion while adding some magic to your sense of style. Kwena will make sure that your style has a healthy balance of trends paired with timeless pieces.

She’ll guide you towards a style that is custom for your body so that you can build an aesthetic that will last a lifetime.

Her sole purpose is to make sure that you have the right selection of clothes that will bring you joy, growth and show off who you are every day.

These personal styling services are gentle on the pocket because the style doesn’t have to break the bank.



The first step to doing any work with Kwena is to have a one-on-one session where she gets to know you and everything you are about. The style is such a personal thing that it’s necessary to put you at the heart of the aesthetic she’ll be building for you. So many external factors are involved in how you feel about clothes.

It’s crucial to make sure that you immerse yourself in the therapy process which often deals with emotional, mental and internal issues about oneself.

The style therapy sessions are healing and nurture your confidence. This will help you make peace with your body issues, encourage you to love yourself more and ensure you build up your confidence.


A wardrobe consultations with Kwena gives insight into what your personal style is and it aims to help you establish a look that’s based on who you are, your personality and preferences.

This process includes using staples from your existing wardrobe and showing you simple ways to update your look while infusing current trends. Kwena will also mix and match unexpected pieces and recommend new purchases to consider adding to your wardrobe.

Kwena will travel to you, assess your current wardrobe based on your daily needs and rework your closet to meet your updated style. You’ll also get a lookbook with photographs of outfits and pieces that you can add to each outfit.


The oversized everything hype may be in now, but it’s always so difficult deciding what to let go of and which garments to keep. You don’t have to worry when Kwena’s by your side.

The wardrobe audit is designed to make keeping on top of your style game easy and affordable. Kwena will go through your closet and look at old pieces in new ways.

Think of that dress or suit that’s hung in your closet for years. It’s too nice to throw out, but for some reason you never wear it. We’ll help you figure out just what to do with the pieces that seem to haunt you.

Kwena will come to you and sort every piece of clothing in your closet with you. By the end of the session, you’ll know what to keep, tailor, toss or donate. Then she’ll draw up a list of new garments that you need to fill in gaps with so that you’re always on top of your style game.



Personal shopping with Kwena is perfect when you’ve got a solid idea of what your style is and you want to inject more personality and vibrancy into your closet.

You know that one jacket you just can’t find? Or that custom-made dress that you just need to have? Kwena will help you find timeless pieces to make you smile even years from now. She also does personal shopping for and with clients.

You just have to decide how much work and investment you want to put in and she’ll be there to help you every step of the way. This is also a fantastic option for those shopping for a special event or upcoming travels. Plus, when you shop with Kwena, she always makes sure to maximize your budget!

She knows the best days to shop, has sight of the big sales that retailers offer and has relationships with several local places that give her clients special discounts that other shoppers don’t have access to.


Kwena’s magic touch is available not just for individual clients, but also for big brands. Her experience spans across magazines, commercials, red carpets, event dressing and whatever else you need to bring your project to life. Kwena and her team are passionate about telling stories through clothes, shapes, textures, and colours.

She can work on the following: TV & film wardrobe styling, editorial styling, photo shoots, advertising campaigns, concert performances, activations & events, pop-ups and exhibitions, styling, creative direction and event and red carpet styling.